The Middle

The Middle is a cafe shop business which offers the best of two countries in one place. Real Spanish food to Welsh people and vice versa.

We came up with a concept which could make you feel in your comfort zone, in other words, make you feel at home. A place where you can be who you want to be.

The Identity is the figurative representation of a house which you can only visualize one side of the roof. With this, we wanted to represent the middle one.

This an identity which is very practical allowing it to be developed in different ways as the brand evolves.

With the colours, we wanted to bring to us the total neutrality, avoiding any feeling through the colours and make everyone feels the same. We also created the other brand materials necessary for the business such as stationery materials, packaging, window signage, the menu, website, etc.

Title: The Middle Coffee shop

Client: The Middle

Year: 2018

Category: Brand Identity, Packaging, Website