Brand Identity

Carrasco is a restaurant in Malaga, Spain that offers a menu of traditional food which are made using quality ingredients directly from the sea. They especialice in fish and sea food which are complemented by a large range of delicious daily specials.

Carrasco came to me requiring a brand identity which suitably expresses the authentic familiar background that the establishment is rooted in, but also communicates with a largely young-professional target market.

The only requirement was that El Cenachero had to show up. El Cenachero was one of the first fishermen in Malaga who used to sell fresh fish on the streets

I developed the idea of a logo based on this figure which intends to deliver numerous meanings about them city.

The logo is complemented with equally characterful, custom typography for the brand name that delivers a similarly expressive tone of voice while the wider layout and typography arrangements carry through touches of inspiration from the fishermen graphics found in old-school fish boats. The brand colour palette features vivid Blue tones inspired by the sea, waves and sky.

Alongside the core identity, I also designed print collateral of a menu and business cards.