Carrasco is a restaurant based in Malaga, Spain. They produce high quality traditional Spanish home cooking with a wide range of dishes that bring the taste of the sea to the tables.

We created a visual brand identity that would represent the essence of “El Cenachero” ( “El Cenachero” was the fisherman that in his basket used to carry the fresh fish that is proclaimed by the streets, a trade already disappeared, but “El Cenachero” is still one of the most popular symbols of Malaga, Spain).

We simplified the image of it and creating a symbol combining the letter “A” with his most characteristic elements “The baskets”.

It is a brand that is not only evocative but also practical, allowing it to develop in different ways as the brand evolves.

The colours bring to mind marine and island life. We also create other branded materials needed for the business such as business cards, the menu and beverage coasters.

Title: Carrasco Restaurante

Client: Carrasco

Year: 2018

Category: Brand Identity, Stationery