Hi there, I’m Juanma, nice to meet you! I’m a designer currently living in Cardiff, Wales.

I work with local and international clients across a diverse range of platforms and disciplines.

I design from print, screen & spaces, designing corporate identities, packaging, signage, books, publications, magazines, posters and websites.

My strength is in versatile and modern design, which is known for its sophisticated simplicity and thoughtful details.

We have a strong network of photographers, illustrators, editors and developers, who accompany us in our creative process. 



  • Corporate Design
  • Editorial
  • Book Design
  • Product Design
  • li>Posters

  • Web Design


  • Keep it simple, do it well
  • Be better, not bigger
  • Be adventurous
  • Be open, share ideas and resources
  • Make friends and collaborate
  • Make stuff to change the world